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National Missions

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Joe Anderson

Dallas, TX

"God continues to bless our efforts through Kids For Christ, Teens For Christ, our weekly lunch and Bible study for our KFC and TFC parents (we call 'The Rose Fellowship,') and also our weekly Homemakers for Christ Bible study with our senior adults."

David Huffman

Atlanta, GA

"The Lord has led us to pursue planting a multicultural church in Cobb County in Metro Atlanta.  At the current growth trends, Cobb County will be comprised of over 50% minority groups within the next four years. Cobb County is also home to a large Latino population, Georgia’s highest concentration of Brazilians, and Georgia’s third largest university, Kennesaw State University. Believing that God is sending us to Cobb County, we look forward to using our cross-cultural experience in Brazil, as well as our deep commitment to local church ministry to advance the cause of Christ in this area of Metro Atlanta that is changing and growing so rapidly."

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