Teaching Pastor

Pastor Stuart Guthrie is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and is working on his Doctorate at the Masters Seminary. Pastor Guthrie began as the Teaching Pastor at Family Bible Fellowship in January 2017 and has great hope to see how the Lord will use this local body of Believers to accomplish His will in the Yemassee community and throughout the world. 

Pastor Guthrie and his wife Jennifer have seven children (two girls and five boys), and they share a desire to convey Biblical truth to encourage and inform the promotion of the family. Stuart is committed to the exegetical preaching of the Word in full and to reaching out to the lost with the hope of Jesus Christ. Pastor Guthrie invites those in the area to join with us for Sunday services and to listen to his sermons online under the Media tab of this website.

Stuart Guthrie


Visit Pastor Stuart's Preaching Ministry page, Getting In The Word. Here you will find all Pastor Stuart's messages and teaching tools, that will prayerfully help you as you seek to grow closer in your relationship with Jesus Christ. We pray that you will be blessed by the ministry of Getting In The Word and grow into all that He has planned for your life! 

Getting In The Word

Worship Leader

Born in Minnesota Jerry grew up in a musical family touring the country playing Christian music for the Durocher family ministry. Jerry plays several instruments and is known for his dobro. Jerry has a deep desire to glorify God through music and seeks to encourage and promote that blessing in the members of FBF. Jerry became the Minister of Music at FBF in October 2019 and has overseen the expansion of the music ministry.

Jerry Durocher

Volunteer Ministries

Children's Ministry Coordinators

We are just are so very blessed to have such a wonderful partnership in the Gospel with David and Tobi Scott. They have a huge heart for the children's ministry at FBF and a desire to encourage and come along side the families for which they serve faithfully each week. David and Tobi are solid partners in the Gospel and serve as our ministry coordinators and we are grateful to the Lord for their faithfulness. 

David & Tobi Scott

Family Class Coordinator

Mark Mansell was part of the Core Group in this FBF church plant, he serves each week as the Family Class Coordinator. Mark is a great value to our church and serves these families each week!

Mark Mansell

Media Ministry Director

Steve Guthrie Sr, has been faithful each week in serving in our Media department. Steve has been apart of FBF from it's conception and we are forever grateful for his service in this department. 

Steve Guthrie Sr

Prayer Ministry Director

Mr. Don Brant takes care of our prayer ministry each week. Don heads us our Sunday Morning Prayer meetings and also host a weekly prayer gather in the community on Tuesday mornings at Fletcher's Fine. We are grateful that Don helps keep the body focused on who and how the work gets done, through Prayer!

Don Brant

Kitchen Ministry Coordinator 

Mrs. Susan Brant is a blessing from above! Her work never goes unnoticed and she does a fine job with a fine team in making sure the fellowship aspect of Family Bible Fellowship goes well. We are extremely blessed to have such a Godly women head us that fabulous team!

Susan Brant

Women's Ministry Coordinator 

Jennifer Guthrie is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and has a huge heart for the ladies of the church. We are truly blessed to have her as the Women's Ministry Coordinator.  

Jennifer Guthrie

Sunday Morning Fellowship Classes 9:45am -10:45am

Sunday Worship Service: 11:00am -12:30pm

Potluck Sundays: 2nd Sunday of each month. 

Wednesday Service: 6:45pm - 7:30pm Prayer Service

Fellowship Dinners: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm

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