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Worship Leader Position


Exciting Opportunity:

The Worship Leader Position is available at Family Bible Fellowship!


Starting February 1, 2024, Family Bible Fellowship is thrilled to invite applications for the Worship Leader position. As we bid farewell to our current Worship Leader, who will be transitioning in mid-April, we are on the lookout for a dynamic and passionate individual to join our diverse and welcoming congregation. If you have a heart for authentic worship, a commitment to unity, and a desire to lead in making Christ known, we encourage you to apply. Stay tuned for more details on how you can be part of this integral role in our vibrant church community.

Job Title: 

Part-Time Worship Leader at FBF Church


About Us: 

Family Bible Fellowship is a non-traditional and diverse congregation. We planted FBF seven years ago, and we are dedicated to knowing Christ and making Christ known. We desire to accomplish this by engaging deeply (Discipleship), reaching widely (Missions), and leading well (Shepherding).

Job Type:

• Part-time



• $25,000.00 - $36,000.00 per year (Depending on Experience and Education)

• Housing (3 Bedroom, 2 Bath home on the church grounds)



• Worship Leader: 1-2 years (Preferred but not necessary)


Work Location:

• 354 Ridgecut Rd, Early Branch, SC 29916


Qualities We Seek in a Worship Leader:

• A Deep Devotion to Christ and a Heart for the Things of God

• Eagerness to Witness Genuine Worship Within the Congregation

• Lead Worshiper at Heart, Committed to Leading Before Assuming the Role of Worship Leader

• Builder of Unity Within Teams

• Personal Zeal and Thirst for God, Evident Beyond a Passion for Music

• Innovative and Creative in Approaches to Worship

• Proficient Musically and Vocally

• Capable of Playing a Musical Instrument (Beneficial but not Mandatory)

• Skillful in Charting Songs (Beneficial but not Mandatory)

• Collaborative Team Player, Effective in Coordination with the Pastor, Experience Team Leader, and Music Director

• Empowered to Lead, Inspire, and Foster Spiritual Growth Within the Worship Team



• Direct and Guide Worship Experiences in our Corporate Worship Services.

• Conduct Weekly Rehearsals, Preparing the Team for Sunday Services.

• Proficient in Operating Sound Equipment (Beneficial but not Mandatory).

• Coordinate Equipment Setup and Breakdown for Services, Rehearsals, and Special Events.

• Supervise and Provide Guidance to the Worship and Tech Teams, Emphasizing their Integral Role in Worship.

• Inspire, Lead, and Cultivate Unity within the Team, Nurturing Spiritual Growth.

• Participate in Weekly Staff Meetings to Foster Effective Communication and Collaboration.

• Engage in Monthly Team Lead Meetings to Enhance Team Dynamics and Strategy.

• Maintain Flexibility in Weekly Office Hours to Support the Dynamic Needs of the Role.



• Theological Alignment: 

The worship leader is expected to align with and support the fundamental theological beliefs of the church. This includes a shared understanding of the nature of God, salvation, and other key doctrinal principles.

• Worship Style Consistency: 

The worship leader should ensure that the style and content of the worship sessions align with the church's values and preferences, incorporating both Contemporary and Hymns that resonate with the congregation.

• Commitment to Church Vision and Mission: 

The worship leader is expected to be fully supportive of the church's vision and mission, integrating the goals and priorities into the worship experience and actively contributing to the overall mission of the church.

• Promotion of Church Values: 

The worship leader is responsible for promoting and exemplifying the core values of the church during worship services, incorporating these values into the spoken word, song selection, and overall atmosphere of worship.

• Leadership Covenant Adherence: 

The worship leader is expected to fully adhere to the Leadership covenants, which include commitments to personal conduct, ethical standards, and leadership principles.

• Collaboration with Church Leadership: 

The worship leader is expected to collaborate effectively with other church leaders, including the pastor, elders, and other ministry heads. This involves open communication, cooperation in planning, and a willingness to work as part of a cohesive leadership team.

• Cultural Sensitivity: 

If the church places importance on cultural relevance, the worship leader should be sensitive to the cultural context of the congregation, incorporating diverse musical styles, languages, or other cultural elements into the worship experience.

• Innovation within Boundaries: 

While creativity is encouraged, the worship leader is expected to innovate within the boundaries set by the church's beliefs and values, ensuring the worship experience remains consistent with the overall identity of the church.

• Regular Training and Development: 

Staying informed about theological developments and participating in ongoing training opportunities may be an expectation to ensure the worship leader continues to grow in their understanding of the church's beliefs and values.

• Feedback and Adaptation: 

The worship leader should be open to feedback from church leadership and congregants, using it to adapt and improve the worship experience to better align with the church's beliefs and values.


Please Submit Resumes here:


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