Capital Projects 

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Exciting Announcement: FBF Capital Projects!


A $100,000 Matching Fund donation was pledged towards FBF’s expansion!


As this donor (and you) may have noticed, we are reaching the capacity of our current facilities. The Matching Fund opportunity will be applied to funds received in the remainder of the 2021 calendar year which are designated as being for “Capital Projects,” such as the building, grounds and facility expansion. In light of the need to expand, we seek to take full advantage of this Matching Fund opportunity, and we urge you to be in prayer as to how the Lord may lead you and your family to give financially above and beyond your regular Tithes & Offerings.


How it Works:


For every dollar (up to $100,000) given for Capital Projects (such as building and grounds expansion) through the end of 2021, this donor will match that gift.


For example, if you give $25, then your gift will be automatically doubled to $50! If you give $2,500, then your gift will be automatically doubled to $5,000, and so forth, for the first $100,000.


The Elders want to remind you that this is an opportunity to give financially, but it is not meant to take the place of your regular Tithes & Offerings. We also want you to be aware that the FBF leadership is prayerfully considering and researching how to best address the growing pains we are experiencing at FBF, and we will be sharing those plans with you in the coming weeks.


How to Give:


1. All funds (cash, checks, online) donated towards the Capital Projects must include in their designation on the donation (or the envelope of the donation) the word(s) “Building,” “Building Fund,” or “Capital Projects” in order to be credited towards the Matching Fund and must be received by FBF by December 31, 2021.


2. All donations made (with donor’s contact information) will be sent a statement for tax deduction purposes.


3. Please only give cash in-person in an envelope designated as described above (item 1), and include your name and address on the envelope in order to receive credit towards tax deduction.


4. Checks should include in the memo line the word(s) “Building,” “Building Fund,” or “Capital Projects.”


A benefit of giving by cash and checks is that they do not require additional expense fees of FBF. Cash and checks may be placed in the offering plates at FBF, or they may be mailed to FBF at:


Family Bible Fellowship

354 Ridgecut Road

Early Branch, SC



5. Online (When giving online, you must select “Capital Projects” in the drop-down menu at the link below.)


Once again, we are grateful to the Lord for this opportunity to move towards physical expansion of our FBF campus, as we continue to pursue the greater spiritual expansion of His Kingdom!


We have an expansion team working together to make sure we grow to be all that God has us to be for His glory!

We will keep updates posted.

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